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  • Once a retail maestro, Karina traded in those price tags for pearly whites! With a decade of experience in the dental industry, we're fortunate to have her unique talents and quirks.

    Karina is a true office decorator extraordinaire; if you've ever walked in and thought, "Wow, this place looks fabulous!" – you can thank Karina for her magic touch.

    Her heart belongs to Spanish culture, and her enthusiastic "Hola!" is always a delight. Saturdays are Karina's time to shine, with epic partying escapades, whether with family or flying solo.

    Speaking of family, Karina is a constant explorer, venturing into the nooks and crannies of the Chicago suburbs with her two adorable kids and her hubby in tow.

    Don't let her fun-loving spirit fool you; she's also a meticulous, hard-working dynamo. Having managed large clinics in the past, Karina joined Dr. Kapoor's boutique practice without hesitation because she cherishes the patient connection.

    So, when you visit our clinic next time, be sure to say hello to Karina, our dental office manager, whose smile covers the Broadway Ave. and beyond!

  • Meet the Queen of Chaos.who somehow keeps everything humming smoothly  –She's been rocking this place for over a year, 

            You see, Dulce is not your average dental assistant. Sure, she's applying for dental school next year, but her ambition is bigger than a  squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter. She's like a dental ninja, effortlessly juggling her dreams and concert tickets.And speaking of ninja skills, she's got more tech-smarts than Siri herself. 
    But don't be fooled by her zen-like calm demeanor - she can turn the dreaded sound of dental drills into soothing lullabies, making you forget you're even in a dentist's chair. 
                And a fun fact: her family's anti-aging secrets could give vampires a run for their money. 
    So, say hello to our rockstar-in-training, dental extraordinaire, and the encyclopedia of all things teethy –

  • Introducing Kristina Kodatt, our multilingual maestro of sparkling smiles! While her infectious laughter and captivating travel tales (those Caribbean sunsets!) might rival her expertise, Kristina's dedication to her craft is second to none.

    Fluent in Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, and English, she effortlessly bridges cultural gaps and creates a welcoming environment for everyone. Whether sharing travel tales from her beloved Caribbean and Mexico or discussing the latest dental advancements, Kristina's passion for her craft and her patients is truly contagious. Join us in welcoming Kristina to our team – your smile is in good hands!

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Visual Evidence based Treatment:

Our X-Ray imaging and latest InvisAlign Scanner shows now includes CARRIES DETECTION

You can now request invisAlign Scan for FREE during your visit.


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Patient Portal for all patients: We empower patients with a complete self-service hub where they can access any information on their account or treatments at ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

Why Us?

General. Family. Cosmetic.  InvisAlign

​A 2011 graduate of the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Shikha (Sara ) Kapoor holds an impressive array of credentials that showcase her commitment to excellence in the field. Since graduating she has treated patients all over Chicagoland and finally found the perfect setting for her practice at the 8 Corners at Brookfield, IL Dr. Kapoor hails from a family of dentists, carrying on the tradition of providing exceptional dental care. Dr.Sara is member of American Dental Society (ADA) and concentrates heavily on continuing education. She is a member of Spear Education. FUN FACTS : She was a field hockey player before her Denal School years. She once flew Cessna but the turbluence she caused , got her hubby dizzy and that was the end of her flying career.

     Dr. Shikha "SARA" Kapoor


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Patient Portal

We have simplified the invoicing by adding easy Pay By Text feature to help you stay on top of your dental bills.

Additionally, you can see all your Treatment plans and completed Treatments through Patient Portal anytime anywhere through your mobile phone.

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Launching Soon in 2024


In-House Dental Access Program

for Preventive Care

Some things have to be kept Simple. 

We are Investing in us for Your SMILE

We are committed to dental excellence, consistently updating our skills with top-tier training programs and educational courses. Our focus includes:

  • InvisAlign Training for advanced orthodontic solutions.

  • Annual SPEAR Dental Education for ongoing practice refinement.

  • Cosmetic Dental Courses to stay current with aesthetic trends.

Our aim is to continually improve our patient care through dedicated professional development."

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